Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Still at Sea!

Cristina and the Walrus are still at sea aboard the Prince Madog. Some pretty rough seas have hampered Cetacean sightings but on Saturday off St Govan's Head we managed to record Porpoise, Minke Whale and also Common Dolphins, a pod of around ten animals including three calves which were bow riding us as we were also surveying with multi beam sonar. Apparently this did not disturb them as we had feared it might and they swam around the bulbous bow of the vessel for several minutes.
Since then we have encountered some heavy seas but still continued mapping the seabed.
Sea Birds encountered include Sooty and balearic Shearwaters, also Pom, Arctic and Great Skuas..
We have just overnighted in the lee of Caldey Island and are now heading back out to sea for another pounding!