Saturday, 15 September 2012

Whales in Fishguard! a story of two parts

A couple of Minke Whales were around Fishguard Breakwater this afternoon: Cristina...
Cristina is nothing if not succinct and to the point!
In fact having spoken to local fisherman Nigel Owens, the Minke was seen with a pod of what were probably Common Dolphins just off Strumble earlier, it seems they were feeding together . Later on about four o clock this afternoon we, Cristina and the Walrus were on the outer breakwater at Fishguard Harbour when we saw Kieth Youngs in his boat Marlin, gently following the whale as it made its way slowly out to sea from just off the harbour. Definately Whales in Wales!!! At one point he stopped and the Whale surfaced almost next to him and then passed astern as Cristina's hand held at full zoom and amaisingly not too shaky video shows!