Wednesday, 24 October 2012

8 Bottlenose & Porpoise - Cardigan Island to Mwnt

We've just returned from an afternoon at sea with Tom Luddington (Pembs Marine Code officer) and Dave from Animality productions. They have been filming a series of films relating to safe /responsible interaction with Marine wildlife, and in this case, Cetaceans. Despite a decent chop we managed to get some great footage of Tom on his sea kayak, and as a bonus we also encountered 8 Bottlenose (one of which was a small calf) about a mile off ,equidistant between Cardigan Island and Mwnt.......  Later we also spotted a lone Porpoise on the Northern side of Cardigan Island. Due to the movement of the boat (choppy seas) and the distance we stayed from the animals (over and above marine code guidance) the footage may /may not be useable in the finished production......great to see them all the same.....and it confirmed the films message.....that we live in a very cetacean rich area!