Thursday, 25 October 2012

WOW, What a week!

Thousand Islands Sam putting our students in the picture

Pretty relaxed!

Plenty to see!
Great to hear Dan's Bottlenose success today , whilst he was to the north of Fishguard we were to the South around Ramsey on the Thousand Islands boat "Gower Ranger" with Skipper Mike Chant, his mate Sam (and we dragged Lisa the shore side organiser out with us as well) .
Our 14 WOW (Wildlife Observer Wales)  Seals  Course students have had a really amaizing week with Risso's on  Tuesday , Porpoises on Tuesday , Porpoise and Common Dolphins today and loads of Seals from huge bulls to tiny whitecoats.
For me the really interesting thing is that in the last week of British Summertime with the dark evenings of the winter closing in, we had better weather this week than we had for any of our other WOW courses during the so called summer. This just goes to show how our tourism season could be extended with amazing wildlife, cheap accommodation and quiet roads giving easy access to the Dolphin Coast of Wales! Did I say Dolphin Coast , Oh yes! where else would four species of cetacean be seen within thirty miles of each other along with loads of seals with their amazingly cute babies?
Loads of thanks to the Thousand Islands crew who gave everyone great views of the wildlife without disturbing it,  Also Powell Strong of Pembrokeshire College  and Dr Steve Morris of Sea Trust for leading the course and of course all the students from all over the UK (and Spain) who really were up for it and made the whole thing a gas!