Thursday, 1 November 2012

Having a whale of a time going home!

It has to be one of the saddest moments in any  Sea Trust year when we say goodbye to one of our long term volunteers from abroad. I have to admit when saying goodbye to Cristina at Fishguard Station (horribly early on Tuesday morning), my eyes may not have just been watering from the cold dawn breeze!
Cristina has really done her best to make the most of the opportunities we gave her and although I was happy to think of her getting home to some sunshine, it has to be said the job situation in Spain is appalling. Hopefully she will have learnt enough with us to give her the edge she will need to be able to get some paid employment. All the friends she made here in West Wales will be wishing her well for the future, adios, amigo!

(but its not really the end, maybe just the end of the beginning...)  

Hi Cliff, just let you know that i've arrived home. 

I had a great crossing, most of the time I had a 3 sea state. When the boat departed it was already dark so I couldnt see anything. But today I was on the outside deck since 9 in the morning till i arrived home. My position on the boat wasnt as good as in the stena (i could just see just one side at a time).

At the beggining of the morning i saw a group of 20 or more dolphins really close to the ferry. Then I spoke with one truck driver and he told me that  the best moment for dolphin watching was 4 hours before the arrival to santander. He was right, i didnt see anything else till the afternoon. At about 3 o'clock,and half way to the horizon, I saw a big blow and again and again but i couldnt see the animal, but ten minutes later I saw another one and this time I managed to see it I'm quite sure it was a fin whale (it was so exciting). During the rest of the trip I saw another 5!! And 3 of them were relatively close to the shore (in santander). I was really surprise. And another couple of dolphins. I have to check my videos, maybe there's some good one and i can show you it.

Thank you very much for the binoculars they were really useful!