Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hi Cliff
While my daughter was at the pool in Fishguard this afternoon I dodged the heavy showers and spent nearly hour at the parking area at Harbour Village with binos and scope. I spotted porps in the middle of Pwll Hir as soon as I arrived and they were visible on and off till I left 45 minutes later. There were 3 - 4 porpoises feeding around the end of the ebb tide between 2.15pm and 3pm, looked like 2 - 3 adults and 1 juv. Sea state 2- 3 with a moderate WSW breeze, excellent viz.

It certainly beat reading a book in the Leisure Centre foyer and as you say where else can see cetaceans so regularly from land!


Phil Lees 
Hi Phil, yep totally agree and well done sorting out some porp's as the weather seems continually set to thwart us. I have paid a couple of visits to Strumble and seen odd Porpoises in the wave tops but not well enough to estimate numbers, not many though I think! Interestingly Up until mid October Gannets were plentiful and of course great indicators of cetacean activity. Suddenly they were gone, it seems a tad early but other reports of a lack of Mackerel in general may have precipitated their mass exodus. Talking of things fishy ; Talking to local fisherman Tich Rees, he tells me that so far there have been no squid eggs on his pot lines as yet. Although there has been some Risso's activity, he had not seen any and wondered if thew lack of squid was responsible. If the weather ever clears up it may be worth a bit more investigation.