Monday, 22 October 2012

Newquay loadsa bottles...

We are now in Cristinas last week with us and (arghhh, I forgot) it was her birthday so the trip up to Newquay was a bit of an end of placement treat that also had to surfice as a birthday present. We arrived to a pretty dismal but thankfully dry and reasonably calm view of the sea from the car park.At first glance there was nothing to see.  I had not eaten so we went into the excellent Mariners Cafe, always a good place for something to eat and a cuppa, whilst spying out of the window for Dolphins!
The lady who served us came over and said they had been there all morning and as she said so, Cristina saw some and went off to leave me to eat an excellent home made steak pie!
A few minutes later I joined Cristina on the harbour wall. Some bottles were coming round from the Fish factory and from there on albiet a bit distantly we were treated to something of a Bottlenose Dolphin spectacular!