Monday, 22 October 2012

News from the North!

Martin Moore
21:33 (32 minutes ago)

to me,
Hi Cliff,

After another long spell with no cetacean sightings from the National Coastwatch Institution watch station at Porth Dinllaen, Gwynedd, our five hour effort on Sunday 21st was rewarded. In flat calm conditions with excellent visibility we weren't initially hopeful, apart from a flock of little egrets there were no seabirds but, at 14.00 a single adult porpoise came to about 50m west of the station and spent around 20 minutes foraging close inshore.  Despite several years looking this was the first porpoise I'd seen on the north Llyn coast.

Then at 15.15 Nefyn Bay was suddenly full of bottlenose dolphins, we estimated about 20 animals in 3 / 4 smaller groups about 1 mile east of Trwyn Porth Dinllaen. They were very active for around 30 minutes with a lot of breaching but, they were a bit too far from us to tell if they were feeding or engaged in social activity. So pleased to have something to report.

Kind regards
Yep Martin, conditions have been against us this summer/autumn, but congratulations on the porpoise! perhaps they are not as ubiquitous around the coast of Wales as some would percieve to be the case!