Monday, 18 February 2013

Bottles Back!

Bottles in Fishguard Bay: CB

Arrived at Pwllgwaelod at 8.30 and looking striaght across immediately saw some splashing in the middle of the bay . Scan with bins showed a number of BN dolphin hunting actively.  As I swept  around it was clear that they were spreadout across a wide area, with more coming in from the mouth of the bay. As such it was hard to determine their number but I would estimate a minimum of 30 . The first group I saw had by now moved in closer towards Fishguard Caravan Park and had obviously herded their prey ahead of them, which they then proceeded to hammer into, with frequent leaps out of the water and surging for about 5 minutes - really spectacular activity.  With calm water and crystal clear light I was able to make out 8-9 adults, with two half sized juveniles. As they made their way back towards the mouth of Fishguard bay they passed within 150 m of where I was standing. When I left most of the rest of the pod were active around Pen Anglas.

Andrew Crowder
This is really interesting Andrew as I think you may have caught them coming back from their annual winter break!