Monday, 18 February 2013

Strumble diary: 18-02-13

Wow! another dry day! and although there was a stiff breeze  from the ESE, the sea off Strumble today was relatively calm with small neep tides. Hannah and myself turned up just about an hour after high tide and immediately saw some porpoises. We did our click counts and although it was not exactly porpoise soup, there were odd small groups surfacing intermittently over a wide area . They were pretty restrained with little of the splashy interactions we have witnessed recently, occasionally only showing a fin tip. On one occasion a group of three or four showed close enough to film with the bin-cam and I managed to get them travelling along...  Again the you tube is pretty low rez but its more evidence of the fact that the porpoises are consistently there!
Link to a video:

Click Count average =72.75 sightings/surfacings per hr