Sunday, 17 February 2013

Minke Memories!

I was sorting through photo's when I came across this one taken of a Minke Whale from the Stena Europe during  a balmy period of warm calm weather back in June/July 2011.
I think I must have missed/overlooked it, but it actually shows the sharp rostrum (front end) and also the white patch on the pectoral flipper.
It was a completely mad occourance. The ship had just narrowly missed it as it seemed to be snoozing on the surface. I was outside on the bridge wing with Captain Bob Wheel. We had just spotted it lying on the surface and were not sure what it was. 
We rushed out to get a better look as we passed by very close!
The whale seemed to wake up with a shock and breached as we passed by. That was pretty spectacular but it then began "porpoising" alongside, chasing us like a dog chasing a car! I took loads of photo's but in almost all of them except this one, the whale was lost in a curtain of spray. Eventually it gave up and dissappeared in our wake, leaving both Bob, myself and the rest of the gang completely awestruck.
We saw a lot of whales in that short period of calm seas and warm weather which was interesting in itself but this one really sticks out in the memory as a unique experience. 
Hmmm... wish I had the Vid-bins then!!!