Saturday, 16 February 2013

Strumble Dairy and Porpoises at Ceibwr!

Ha ha, Libman, great to hear from you!
Funnily enough we took advantage of the fine weather to pay a visit to Newquay yesterday but blanked!
We had a look at Ceibwr Bay (North Pembs) and managed a few views of what appeared to be a mother, calf and possibly another more or less full grown animal. Their presence was betrayed by  a herring gull which kept having a look and giving away their  presence as they surfaced and then dissapeared for a couple of minutes at a time.  Their presence there was somewhat unexpected as I can't remember seeing them there before. Link to a short video: (again, apologies for the quality, seems to go once uploaded)

I arrived at Strumble late today for the main porpoise pass with the tide almost at full ebb. I still managed to cop a few stragglers with a click count average of 20 surfacings  per hour which was not bad really. At a rough estimate there was probably aboy ten individuals all together, although most were seen disappearing round the corner behind the lighthouse. One sighting was in the top of a really nice wave with the sun glistening through it , but sadly not filmed . I will catch them surfing sooner or later!