Saturday, 16 March 2013

Strumble Diary Porps... and Bottles off Fishguard

Up nice and early and at Strumble by half seven. Plenty of gannets wheeling  above the feeding porpoises, all  moving east with the rising tide (Strumble is north facing). Footage:  I decided to have a walk around the Outer Breakwater at Fishguard Harbour. the sea was flat calm and I swa nothing cetacean wise so decided to walk around it in the hope of some interesting birds. (see Pembs Bird Blog) As I came back around the seaward side of the breakwater I had another quick  scan and this time caught a back and fin just submerging it looked too big to be a porp and then as I scanned a bit more I saw what was unmistakably a bottle nose dolphin surface with several moresome distance and further outr from the first one. Sadly they went even further out which was a they seemed to be pretty active with some breaching but at a couple of miles distant not easy to get to grips with. Either way a great start to the day!