Monday, 11 March 2013

Strumble diary Saturday, Fishguard Harbour /watch the birdie!

Lots of Porpoises around on Saturday but mainly distant so just a single closer animal /bit of a record/ video.
its not great but the next ones were much closer and better! Apologies for the really bad quality (very far away), but still more evidence of our porps presence:
On Sunday with a choppy sea  and freezing NE wind out on Fishguard Harbour Outer Breakwater, I saw a gannet plunge into the briny and then a porpoise pop up nearby. After several repititions and trying hard to catch it with the Video-bins I finally managed to film this symbiotic or perhaps clepto parasitic behaviour between porpoise and gannet. Is the gannet stealing the fish off the porpoises nose or does the gannet plunging in help to shock/disorientate the fish and make them easier for the Porpoise to catch have a look at Hannah's edit of the film and see what you think!