Sunday, 28 April 2013

Close up Strumble porps

The mizzly rain drove us to find some shelter just east of the Strumble car park and did us a bit of a favour. Wdig birder and the Walrus found a bit of shelter just the other side of Mackerel Rock and lo and behold three or four porps were frolicking about below us, close in. As usual impossible to count accurately but there seemed to be at least one half grown pup and at least two adults and there seemed to be some kind of interaction going on as they moved around an overfall and into some very calm water. At one point we could see them under water, flashing their silvery sides either to confuse fish in hunting mode or maybe as some kind of communication between each other. I am praying they will be there tommorow!

Pic's taken by Wdig Birder.