Monday, 1 April 2013

Strumble Dairy/ Easter weekend, Easter Monday porpoise watch

Yesterday I went to Strumble to suss things out and met up with volunteers Jon Scones and his partner  Maria. who were showing her brother the wonders of Strumble!  I was  hoping to confirm that we had timed  the tide right for todays porpoise watch event!  The Porpoises showed well but really intermittently popping up and showing off whenever I had just put the camera down! All inall it looked promising.
Strumble diary 31-03-13:

Some of our hardy but successful porpoise watchers!
Today was brilliant if very cold and yes the porpoises did turn up even better than I had hoped! We got the tide just right and the Porpoises seemed to be showing off. My film does not do them justice but I was mainly concentrating on showing them to people rather than filming.  Hannah did a great job of helping everyone get their eye in and our wonderful volunteers Stevo and Tony Lucas set up their telescope for people to use. Freddie s'Jacob must be one of the best spotters in the business and between all of us we managed to help  almost all of the visitors to get good views of porpoises!  Over the two hours we were there, people came and went but at least sixty people went home with a good idea of how to spot porpoises and what they look like (and mild frostbite!) !

Spring Porpoise watch 1-4-13: