Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sound stuff from Malcom!

Hi Cliff,
another month is almost done,
still very good porpoise sightings off the head,
nice and close up,
well worth the walk,

Its a real tribute to Malcolm and his student helpers that so much work has been done through  a cold and stormy winter! We will be working together to try and make the powers that be, recognise the importance of our waters in terms of Porpoises and their year round abundance. Our ferry surveys aboard the Stena Europe are also conducted throughout the seasons and between us we have so much evidence it would be hard to deny the importance of our coastal waters for these  small cetaceans! The map above is part of a density map covering the eastern part of our route across the Irish Sea.The largest reddest area denotes the greatest number of sightings. These have been collected over ten years and clearly show the greatest concentrations are inshore, fading out as the ship moves offshore.