Friday, 5 April 2013

Stena Nordica-Sea Trust Survey

Thanks to a chance meeting Hannah had with Captain Adrian Delaney whilst doing one of our Stena Europe surveys, he invited us to have a look up north on his ferry,  the "Stena Nordica".  So after a bit of planning and hooking up with one of our WOW course graduates Ian Coote and the  John Moors University Liverpool, Conservation Soc' we thought we would  give the Hollyhead to Dublin route a go! With a stiff NE wind conditions were far from favourable but ....

Hi Cliff,

We have had a great day, went really well and everybody seemed to enjoy it. 4 Porpoise & 6 possibles/ unidentified, plus a few seals and lots of seabirds. Crew were very positive. Route has potential! Talking to the RSPB people at South Stack yesterday, they were saying that the Porpoises have returned early this year.

An unusual shot by Michael Rich of a breaching Porpoise!

So... well worthwhile as a trial run and something we will have to repeat! I an fascinated to hear that the South Stack porpoises have "returned early" do they really go away? lots and lots of stuff we really don't know about these unobtrusive little Welsh whales!