Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Up north from Paul Leaf ......

Hi Cliff
How are you? I did try ringing you on Sunday, but I'm guessing you were on the ferry. While looking out to sea from the turn cat park at Ynyslas, we (myself Tony Cross and Marc Hughs) were watching a pod of around 15-20 bottle-nose dolphins when I spotted a larger fin popping out of the water. Before long we we watching around 10-15 Risso's as well!! One of the fins was huge, and I did wonder if it was an orca, but I'm guessing the chances of one feeding with dolphins is rather unlikely!?
Hope all is well Paul
Crikey Paul, if I did not know you I would have dismissed this report as incredible,  in the light of what we think we know. Happily over half a dozen years or more of knowing you, of course I accept  it is a valid report, Certainly you were in good company! So, what did you have?
As you say you are not sure but neither Orca  or Rissso's have been recorded there in recent years but both are equally possible at this time of the year a few miles south. Bottles are capable of killing Orcas and vice versa, both might feed together on a plentiful supply of prey.  We know Risso's ar on the move,any further info from you guys or anyone else would be greatly appreciated. Risso's are really obvious when you have your eye in, with a "Raked/Angled dorsal fin."  
Female orcas, would be less obvious but a big male would have a huge straight upwards pointing fin . It is possible that all species might be drawn to a particularly fruitful feeding oportunity and coexist or even work together to exploit a good feeding opportunity. Its something I think we saw off Fishguard Harbour with Orca and Risso's several years ago.
I only wish I had been there with you , great report!
thanks and allthingsgood, cliff/walrus