Friday, 21 June 2013

Hmm not sure Frank!


 On Wednesday morning at about 7.30am I sighted what I believe to have been two whales heading south only about three hundred metres from the beach in Towyn near Aberdovey in Cardigan Bay. I initially only saw one and it was moving on a steady course, surfacing about every one hundred metres or so and then submerging again. I then noticed a second whale about three hundred yards ahead of the first, but travelling much slower. It appeared to have a rather tall dorsal fin and was not submerging as often. I would guess their size to be about twice that of the dolphins I sometimes see around Anglesey. Please tell me I was not mistaken..... etc...
Hello again, following my email to you (below) and having now done a little research on the internet, I wonder if I have actually seen a pair of Orcas. Certainly at least one of them appeared to have a very tall dorsal fin and they appeared very dark in colour. I was willing to be persuaded that I had seen a pair of Risso’s dolphins, but I think what I saw were much larger and very dark in colour. I also believe that Orcas were sighted last week from Bardsey Island. Also, I apologise for my spelling – I was actually in Tywyn, not Towyn. Kind regards, Frank Byatt

Hi Frank, difficult to know without a photo. Yep its possible that the animals were Orca's but Risso's are much bigger than people think, really impressive animals and quite often dark. What might push it the way of the Orca is that it seems one had a bigger fin than the other which might suggest a male and female Orca. At the end of the day we are probably never going to know but thats par for the course with cetaceans!
Thanks for letting us know, allthingsgood, cliff