Saturday, 22 June 2013

So whats really happening in Newquay?

What is really obvious is that there are Dolphins there!

On Friday we saw at least 9 individuals with at least one mother with small calf. There was also plenty of boat traffic around with a couple of private sport fishermen which seemsed to ignore the dolphins, The Sea Watch survey boat  (no pennant flying) drove straight at them, and followed them about, trying to get photo's in full view of the harbour.  

It seemed the dolphins were not too happy about it, with this mother and calf (sorry about Pic Quality, they were a long way away!) making an escape behind them and staying well clear, as did the others.

Interestingly some tourists in a cheap inflatable kyak got the thrill of their lives as a dolphin sped towards them, passing close by!

Another couple in a yacht had a pair of dolphins bow riding them for a couple of  minutes before they realised they were there! 
Some time later we were treated to some fine breaching although they were distant , also feeding where we actually saw them catching fish and flinging them in the air. This was all pretty distant so sadly no pic's but it does seem to prove from our observations from the shore it seemed that although wary of boats approaching them, they seemed happy enough to feed and even play with their food whilst the everyday summer boating activity took place.

We would strongly advise people in boats not to chase dolphins as to do so is against the law. If we saw such activity we would not hesitate to  report it.  But, if the dolphins choose to come to you let them come and go as these people did, maybe its the scientists that are most likely to do the disturbing.

It has to be asked where all the peer reviewed reports and papers are that we might expect scientists to produce as a result of several years of chasing  the Newquay dolphins around every summer?  Are they not encouraging other boat owners to also chase dolphins?