Sunday, 7 July 2013

Is it a Whale ? Is it a Dolphin? Was it a Porp? no it was a Shark! (But not a Basker!)

Stephen John
5 Jul (2 days ago)

Many thanks indeed Hannah for forwarding  the email.
I am surprised at the contents and in particular sightings of porpoises from Swansea beach. I live close to Swansea beach and in fact have uninterrupted views of Swansea Bay from my living room which is just a few hundred yards away from the beach. I regularly walk along the beach and keep my eyes peeled when the tide is in. Despite this I am yet to see a porpoise or dolphin but quite often see seals in this vicinity. I am now going to invest in some serious binoculars !!
As well as seals, I also was swimming in Swansea Bay back in the 1980`s whilst a shark  was patrolling the beach close inshore. It was not until I got out of the water that I became aware that I was out further than the shark and I was fortunate in that our paths did not cross when I swam back to the beach. Myself and others watched the shark patrol a length of the beach of approx 400 yards for about 30 minutes until the tide turned and then it went out into deeper water. The incident made the local headlines and a local " expert" informed the press that it would have been a basking shark. I knew enough about sharks at that time to discount this as the dorsal fin was not pointed like that of the basking shark but more rounded like a porbeagle or blue shark.
Once again, many thanks for the info

Experts eh... ? (Walrus)