Sunday, 28 July 2013

Newquay + trip on Anna Lloyd...

We seem to be specialising in last minute trips at the moment, but several Sea Trust supporters gathered in Newquay yesterday afternoon to find three Bottlenose Dolphins foraging around off the Harbour Wall and a flat calm sea.

We hung about watching the bottles and then at 2pm boarded Steve Hartleys superb custom made Cheetah Marine ten metre catamaran.  Nice and quiet describes both the boat and our four hour trip!

Apart from the Bottles hanging around the Harbour we could not find any others but we did see several Porpoises including a mother and calf pair, which I suppose was a good indicator of the fact the Bottles were not around.

None the less a pleasant afternoon out with two species of cetacean seen which can't be bad
(Pic's: Steve Rosser)