Monday, 29 July 2013

Stevo's Strumble.... ashore and afloat!

Sunday 28th July

Mum/ Dad and I went to Strumble Head at 4:20pm.

And we saw about 6/7 Harbour Porpoises on the last of the ebbing tide.

There were lots of gannets circling and diving where the porpoises was.

The time of the sighting was at 5:00pm.

The sea condition was choppy which made the porpoises difficult to spot.

On Friday 26th JulyDad and I went for a lovely ride on Dan Worth's new RIB .

It was a great trip and we went out to Strumble Head and back from.

Lower Town.

I am used to watching the Harbour Porpoises from the lookout at Strumble, so it was brilliant to be floating around amongst them on the sea.

There were loads of them maybe 40 or 50.

The sea was quite calm so they could be spotted quite easily.

We were there between 10:00 and 10:30am


Stevo and Dad