Monday, 1 July 2013

Scomer porp's from Helen..and Common Dolphins today in Fishguard Harbour

helen Stewart 30 Jun (1 day ago)
to me

 I would like to report a Porpoise sighting off North Wall, Skomer today 30-06-13 at approx 14:00. At least 3 porpoises possibly 4 including a mother a calf. A group of fishermen on a boat nearby were catching what looked like mackerel, which I suppose is why the Porpoise were in the area.

We were diving in the area and watched them for at least 20mins.

Thanks, Helen...


Two seperate reports today from Ian Hotchin and confirmed by Eddie Sinnett , up to 20 Common Dolphins entered Fishguard Harbour this morning and seemed to safely navigate their way out again , Ian saw them from the Slade without  binoculars but thought they were not Bottles.

Eddie saw them from his boat and conirmed they were commons. Generally speaking you would not expect commons so close inshore but it seems to be happening more often in recent years! Photo is of a pod in the harbour a couple of years ago! We rushed down when we got the report but were too late! It does seem that over the past half dozen years not only are common dolphins coming closer inshore but may well be resident over the summer months in the area between Ramsey and the Teifi estuary !