Monday, 12 August 2013


From Clive Hurford...

Hi Cliff,

There was a sizeable school of Common Dolphins off St Govan's Head this morning, initially noticed in mid channel  between the Head and Lundy Island, thereafter moving purposefully in a general west to east direction, until passing St Govan's Head in  the tidal race.  I guess that I must have seen some 30 animals, but there were probably very many more - some leaping clear of the water but mostly not.  The school took several minutes to go past the Head, with animals in view almost constantly and at different ranges.

I returned later in the morning to see if the dolphins were still present, but no sign, just a single Harbour Porpoise in the tidal race.


                                                                             Some commons off St Govans! (archive)

From Helen Stewart...

On 11th August, on a joint Llantrisant and Trident SAA scuba club trip to the Smalls Lighthouse, we spotted a pod of Common Dolphins on route between Skokholm and Grassholm Islands.

Cheers, Helen