Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ramsay and larger picture

Hi Cliff,
been quiet in Ramsey Sound re porps,
I do timed scans (5mins) all movements in each 5 mins recorded.
In the first two hours of my watch today either side of the turn off the tide (flood to ebb)
 24 scans  recorded 5 porpoise 2 seals and 54 boat movements 40 of which were nature tours (8 boats)
busy for boats quiet for porpoise!?
Interesting this. I am sure that Ramsay sound is a part of a bigger picture possibly around the Islands that surround St Brides bay or even a dynamic which extends beyond to include SE  Ireland. Having made more than a hundred small boat surveys  in the area i have to say sightings off Grasshlm have been relatively scarce. Have the porpoises Greg reported displaced from Ramsay, or is it a bigger more complex picture. Whichever , it demands more research and the Welsh Government should be funding us to find out whats happening rather than listening to people from away who dont have a clue!