Monday, 16 September 2013

Strumble Surprise! and then some bottles at Fishguard.

Not the best picture of a turtle ever made but given the distance and light not so bad!

The turtle surfaced next to a juv gull which was feeding on a dead shearwater. I could hrdly believe my eyes so made a quick grab for the camera and fired off a shot as it began to dive. I was still not sure if it was a turtle until I got back to the Ocean Lab and downloaded this pic' By the size of it in comparison with the gull i would guess its carapace is somewhere in the region of 40-50cm.small for a turtle. Our best guess is a Kemps Ridley, they are small and have turned up here in the past.




Steve Berry first alerted us to the bottles in Fishguard harbour this morning when he found at least nine off Pen Anglas in Fishguard Bay. Tony Lucas then called us this afternoon and we shot off to the outer breakwater and managed to get a couple of shots and some film although they were almost half  a mile away!Heres some Pic's we thought there were at least twelve but cou;ld have been more! film to follow!