Sunday, 15 September 2013

Stormy Porp's and Lobster blues

Strumble surf

Stormy Porp's

Blues Brothers

bluer then a blue thing painted blue.. 
                                                      Ordinary  browny blue lobster

The storm begins at Strumble, with a Sou-Westerly setting things up for some interesting bird watching tommorrow when it turns to a Nor-Westerly. I managed to get one shot of some porp's in amongst the waves but more waves than porp's! We also saw some Risso's briefly but did not relocate them in the heavy seas. .
My mate Tich and brother Gethin were unloading some lobsters when I got to the Ocean Lab and I noticed a couple of them were a beautiful bright blue colour.  Lobsters are usually brownish with some blue on the tail and brownish claws. Its not until they are boiled that they go bright red! Tich says its not that unusual, if anyone knows of a reason, I would love to know!

from Wdig birder!

Common Porpoise - showing well.

Risso's Dolphin - 4 (poss - brief sighting)

Sunfish - 2   I have to say I love the thing of sticking to "Common Porpoise" rather than to the recently americanised Harbor Porpoise! The sun fish records are of interest and Adrian tells me that one was much larger than those we often gat which are usually not much more than about three ore four feet (120 cm  for those who don't understand real measurements!)