Friday, 13 September 2013

Summers end?

Its Autumn of course, with storms forecasted for the weekend, heralding the end of what was a pretty good summer here in Pembrokeshire. Who knows, there may still be some sunshine! Dan Worth took  his big jet rib "Alca Torda" home after his first season working out of Fishguard. Despite a late start and a few teething problems it was pretty successful. During the summer he had a pretty good success rate showing clients lots of Porpoises with occasional Bottle's and finishing with Risso's yesterday. Hi is still grinning about that ,so it looks like he will be with us again next season, probably starting next Easter. Thankfully Easter is nearer to the end of April next year. Dan's presence and support adds another option to our means  of understanding which cetaceans use our local waters.If we do get an Indian Summer Dan will bring his smaller rib, "Razorbill" here so potentially we could get out there anytime the weather is suitable. At the end of the day its all about local people working together to look after their wildlife.