Monday, 28 October 2013

Stormy Strumble Porp!

A stormy Strumble Porp this morning!
Thankfully we were spared the worst of the storm but it was pretty rough at Strumble when I joined a small gang of hardy watchers there this morning. It was difficult to see any thing much in the breakers, but I did manage to get a shot of one porp! 
None the less lots of seabirds were blown into Cardigan Bay by yesterdays sou-westerly gales and it was interesting to watch twenty odd Bonxies, (Great Skuas) a Pom and an Arctic Skua battling there way back out along with a couple of late Manxies...There were also hundreds of Kittiwakes, Auks and Gannets providing a real Seabird spectacular. 
I had to leave early but we will be back for our porpoise watch there this afternoon at 2.30. lets hope the porp's are still there! 

Two Bonxies passing by Strumble this morning!