Friday, 25 October 2013

WOW! some bottles! here one minute gone the next..

Day two of our WOW cetaceans course... and after the sampling lecture from Dr Steve Morris at the College, we set off for Newquay in the hope of seeing some Bottlenose dolphins. As Powell drove the minibus down the hill overlooking the harbour, some big splashes out in the bay were proof that we were in luck and our excited group were soon on the harbour wall catching the action with their binoculars. You would think that counting big dolphins ony a few hundred yards away from the shore would be pretty easy. You might think that, but our class had a nice lesson in how dolphins can appear and dissapear like magic.We made several attempts at counting them in five minute scans and estimates varied from between three and nine!  One minute we had at least eight or nine breaching and tail slapping in three seperate groups and next they were skulking off in different directions. We were pretty lucky, if we had arrived an hour later we would probably have missed them!