Saturday, 23 November 2013

Banned from the South coast , here they come!

A report this morning of a small fleet of Scallop dregers on their way past Ramsay to start hammering the sea bed of Cardigan Bay. As the season progresses 70/80 scallopers of varying sizes will start ploughing up the seabed harvesting scallops, with immense damage to the marine communities and little financial reward for anyone in Wales, a lose lose situation. In recent years the Cardigan Bay Bottlenose population seems to be heading west to the Irish coast and not returning umntil later each spring I wonder Why?!!!
Last year in Fishguard Bay we experrienced a red tide of poisonous algae for the first time anyone can remember. The algae thrives on the kind of organic waste that Scallops filter out of the water. Scallops are key to the cleanliness and productivity of our waters. If the Scallopers have been banned elswhere why are they allowed to keep hammmering our waters?