Monday, 18 November 2013

More Risso's for Malcolm!

I bumped into Malcolm Barradell yesterday as he was driving back from St Davids. He told me he had seen Risso's from St Davids Head on Saturday and Sunday probably the same ones, about eight or nine! Hopefully we will get a fuller report when Malcolm gets a minute!
Hi sorry for the late posting,

On Saturday and Sunday we saw a group of Risso's during our watch from St Davids Head,

we are using the 'big eyes' there so quite nice views.

On Saturday they were in two groups c6 and c5 between 2500 and 3000 metres North of the Head on Sunday they were all together a little further East. It was about the same time during both watches around RSHW+7

The seemed to be mainly just lolling about and socializing, and around threw 2-3 scans before disappearing again.

Certainly adds flavour to our watch not that we are not happy with our porpoise which were around on both days in small numbers here and there,