Monday, 30 December 2013

From Adrian Foster

I thought maybe someone might be interested in my latest sightings. Both today 27/12 (12 noon) and Xmas day 25/12 (3pm) I have seen what I guess is a small family of dolphins off Rhos Point (Rhos on Sea). Both times I would guesstimate 4-6 animals. I think they were feeding in shallow water off the point. There used to be fish traps there in days of old.

Today I managed a few distant photos which I've attached. One pale dolphin looks like it may be a calf to my totally untrained eye.

Hi Adrian, 
                     great stuff and handy to know the Bottlenose Dolphins  are still around up north! Your eye may be untrained, but its pretty good, definitely a calf. Well done and thanks for sharing your photographs and this important information.  Sea Trust works  hard all year round  to try make the Welsh Government and "powers that be" value and protect our amazing marine environment.  This all helps us keep everyone in the picture!