Sunday, 29 December 2013

Strumble Diary: Christmas Porp's at Strumble!

A quick click count survey to collect more evidence for our porpoises to be properly protected gave us an average of 12.5 for the hour with several close in and also at least one small calf and mother pair. 2013 has been our "Year of the Porpoise" where we have tried hard to persuade the powers that be that they should be protected. Its a bit like hitting your head against a brick wall because the Welsh Government dont seem to want to take any notice of local people and would rather take their advice from almost anyone else' even though none of them live in Pembrokeshire! we will keep on batting away and you never know someone might actually take notice (apart from the 100,000+ people who have seen our "Whales in Wales" blog that is, who have seen all our sightings over the years!