Saturday, 7 June 2014

Stevo and Tony's Quiz!

We were very lucky to have been invited to the 1st birthday party of 'Transition Bro Gwaun' today, to operate a stall in the marquee that they had erected in the co-op car park, in Fishguard. Amongst our Seatrust display we operated a 'local marine wildlife quiz', which seemed to be quite well received, and I promised to post the answers to the questions on this site. The answers are as follows:- 1. Bottlenose, Common and Risso's. 2. Porpoise. 3. Fin Whale. 4. Puffing Pig. 5. Atlantic Grey Seal. 6. 20 minutes. 7. The Ocean Lab, Goodwick. 8. Grassholm. 9. Fulmar. 10. Razorbill. Many thanks to you all for taking part.

Stevo and Tony Lucas