Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Strumble Diary

Porpoise at Strumble.

New volunteer David Powell who completed our Wildlife Observer Wales (WOW) Cetaceans course with us last month came for a bit more training yesterday. We went to Strumble to do a click count survey where we do five minute counts of  any porpoise surfacing, starting at each quarter hour having completed four counts we average out the counts which gives us an average for 20 minutes of effort based sighting data. We then multiply by three (= 60 mins) which then gives us an average for the hour.
The tide had just turned to the flood but we still managed several sightings of at least ten to twelve individual  Porpoises and averaged 15.75 sightings for the hour.  
Tomorrow we are out with Andy on the Cartlett this space!