Saturday, 20 September 2014

Porpoise reports from Wdig Birder and Frank Needle...

Frank Needle, a keen kayaker from Lancashire, popped in to the Ocean Lab to report seeing at least eight porpoises feeding off Abercastle last evening at about 6 pm. He also reported seeing masses of Whitebait being harassed by mackerel of Cwm Tyddu up the coast the other side of Cardigan.

According to local fishermen, mackerel have been scarce this summer so lets hope this is an upturn.

Wdig Birder (Adrian Rodger) reports from Strumble,  " Out to sea a large number of Porpoises in evidence possibly up to 50 feeding in the tide race between 2 & 3 p.m. on the rising tide." Speaking to him yesterday, he described the scene as "Porpoise Soup"  (an expression I seem to remember being coined by our old mate Elfyn Pugh!) which given the right conditions is not an uncommon occurrence at Strumble!