Friday, 19 September 2014

Whoops! another Leatherback and Dolphins off Ramsey

  Hi All

 After  a morning recording two hours of Common Dolphin (50+) activity  as close as 400m  from St David's Head passing by towards Ramsey island and then turned back  North again ,myself and Malcolm by chance met up again later to see out the end of the day at Newport beach to sight a Leatherback Turtle basking 25m from the shore in our warm shallow sea at 18.00.The head and carapace showed clearly above the water for 5 mins and then it was just the head high out of the water for another 15mins.It remained close to shore for a total of 20 mins before being disturbed by a curious boat owner at which point it flipped smartly sideways with a flash and splash from it's flipper and then  retreated to a  800m distance and remained there for another 45 mins looking for all the world like a bottling Seal.Lovely day .Good memory .No photo !

  Keep looking

 Nick Mc

Oh you lucky boyos! my only Leatherbacks have been distant or dead! cliff