Friday, 31 October 2014

Britain's best Cetacean Course?

Day two of our Wildlife Observer Wales Cetacean Course started with the Sampling/survey lecture and test in the college, and then off to Newquay with the intention of getting some Bottlenose Dolphins under our belts.
As we drove down the hill towards the Harbour we could see some heading south out of the bay. Luckily Powell  managed to park quickly. I thought our best chance was from above the Fish Factory so we hot footed there and happily after a bit of a search found some distant circling Gannets and could just see the Dolphins beneath them . Bit by bit they moved closer, (at least fifteen) including a couple of calves with lots of breaching and interplay going on. They were extremely mobile and as they came back towards us and back into the bay, we walked back with them to take up position on the Harbour wall. It was a brilliant opportunity to get to grips with wild dolphins who gave a fantastic display for free.Why anyone would pay money to go and see them in a whale jail where they live short miserable lives heavens only knows. Come with us and see them wild and free learn about their habits and biology and get a qualification all for a fraction of the price!