Thursday, 30 October 2014

Derek Moore MBE

I was hugely saddened to hear of the death of Derek last week from Wdig Birder on my return from Ireland.
Although mainly known for his involvement in the birdwatching world I first got to know him when he was Chief Executive of the Wildlife Trust S&W Wales. It was largely due to Derek's support in that role that Sea Trust came about as the then Marine arm of the Wildlife Trust.
As I remember, several of us had become more and more interested in cetaceans and marine wildlife in general so that when I suggested we form Sea Trust as a part of the Wildlife Trust, Derek's response was "Yep OK!", uncomplicated, direct and positive; which sums up the man I knew, perfectly.
His life was dedicated to conservation not just birds but all wildlife.I remember him out with us on a small boat survey out in the Celtic Deep with huge Fin Whales all around us. I can hear him now... "Blimey Mate, I've been all around the world wildlife watching but this takes some beating!" I am glad we gave him something because he gave all of us that knew him the feeling we were one of his best mates.
It was only a few weeks ago I learned of the severity of his illness from a young lady helping with his treatment in  Glangwili  Hospital who came out with us on one of our boat trips. She gave no specific detail's but he was obviously seriously ill. It was Derek who despite being seriously ill  had recommended her to come out with us. She saw a superpod with her mum! I bet Derek was chuffed when she told him!
In these days of career conservationists and box tickers, he was a shining example of someone for whom the living world was an absolute passion that he was willing to fight for! Hwyl! Derek we will miss you!