Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Bottlenose Dolphin in Fishguard Harbour today.
Did Clette come back to see us ??? on Tuesday 11th February last year a sub adult Bottlenose Dolphin arrived in Fishguard Harbour . It had an exceptionally recognizable split dorsal fin and was subsequently identified as Clette a solitary dolphin that had been hanging around Penzance and later moved on from us to Baltimore in Ireland, 
Local Fisherman Titch Rees just came in to report a strange dolphin banging into his dinghy as he made his way from his fishing boat to shore on Monday. He described it as not full grown with a split fin. The same day  a dolphin bow-rode the Stena Europe into Fishguard harbour and was reported to us by the Quay wall gang who tie up the ship. I showed Titch a picture of Clette which he positively identified as being the dolphin that was banging his boat. Given the strange behaviour I am pretty sure Titch was right, wonder where Clette is now?