Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Clette/Clet update...

Clet update, he story so far...

(it seems when Clette/Clet was first noticed in France , being small, the fishermen thought she was a female and called her Colette which has since been abbreviated.) 

A solitary Bottlenose Dolphin Known as Clette /Clet, visited Fishguard Harbour on the fourth of February last year.We filmed and photographed him (its a young male) and posted it on our Whales in Wales blog. Subsequently other dolphin groups latched onto the post and it turned out that it had previously been seen in France between 2008-10 then hung around the south coast of England until we saw it last February here in Fishguard. He then turned up in Penzance again but did not hang about as it was next seen in Baltimore  s Ireland . it moved on to Galway  where it displayed some aggressive behavior and then disappeared. He then turned up at the Isle of  Mull off the Western Scotland in December 2014  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-30343404 
We were returning on the Stena Europe completing one of our ferry surveys on December 29th when the deckhands on the Stena Europe spotted a dolphin bow riding. we missed it as we had left the bridge on entering the harbour. Soon after local fisherman Titch and Gethin Rees were transferring to land from their fishing boat in a small dingy when a dolphin started following them and bumping into the boat. Titch got in touch with us afterwards and identified the dolphin as Clette/Clet from our photo's.
Last night I was telephoned by a local lady reporting that a dolphin with a split fin was chasing the boats around in Milford Haven, It looks like Clette is alive and well in the haven, we will be trying to get more info on him apparently there is some video which I am trying to track down at the moment! We will try and get a boat out to see him when the weather calms down a bit.

allthingsgood, cliff