Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Strumble diary January 13th 2015 more on Clette/Clet

A quick look at Strumble this afternoon, still pretty stormy but we caught a couple of glimpses of porp's in amongst the churning tide-race, Sadly no pic's or video..
More on Clette from Dave Cuniffe...
Hi Cliff,
Clet certainly does get around; I did a Penzance to St Mary's on the Scillies, survey last Easter and he was very active in the harbour there. He seemed to like being amongst the small boats, but word was that he was quite aggressive towards swimmers.
All the best
Dave C

(it seems when Clette/Clet was first noticed in France , being small, the fishermen thought she was a female, (he is in fact a young male) and called it Colette which has since been abbreviated.)