Friday, 23 January 2015

From Nick MacIlvenna; Risso's recaptured.

Nicks report 
Thursday 22 January

Six sunny hours spent on St David's Head today and only two porpoise seen,and then in the last hour of the ebbing tide NW of us, nine Risso' s spotted heading SW at a good pace 3000 m offshore. Good to see those guys again. A few tail slaps and splashes but mainly travelling fast in a long line.

Nick Mc.

Risso's recaptured! It looks like Nick caught up with our Risso's a couple of hours after the girls saw them from the ferry. Risso's often travel in loose spread out groups. Cristina thinks that they might have seen another group in the distance but when they got closer their attention was taken by the splashy gang.... Thanks for the heads up Nick nice work!