Thursday, 22 January 2015

Strumble Diary: Plenty of Porp's

The first really decent day of the year for porp watching at Strumble turned up the goods! On my first visit today to watch our team coming back on the Stena Europe I had several brief sighting but did not manage a pic'. Maybe I should have stayed but that's a different story....

Either way I came back to the Ocean Lab, met the girls (Barbara Cristina and Carrie our ferry survey team)  and they told me about the Risso's I had missed just after leaving Strumble!

So Cristina and the walrus went back to Strumble and although we did not find the Risso's, we spent a happy hour watching at least twenty porpoises feeding just beyond the lighthouse. They were all pretty distant but thanks to our amazing Canon SX50 HS with its 50 x optical zoom, fantastic steady shot and fast multiple exposure I actually got a couple of shots to prove it!

 The Risso's sighting today seems to confirm that they have been resident in the area as a species for more than a year, with confirmed sightings in every month since July 2013. Risso's have been regular visitors during the warmer months and recorded since the 1970's from Strumble but sightings in every month of the year as per the last 12 months +  is pretty exceptional.