Saturday, 21 February 2015

Porthcawl whales?

So we have received this very interesting message!

"I was out surfing today at Porthcawl and about 75-100m from where I was positioned were two or three massive black objects. I thought they were flotsam or something at first but they kept coming up and down and had distinctive dorsal fins at the rear. They had a sort of ridge to the front of the exposed part of it's body and were really quite large, much bigger than Minke whales I have seen before. Just wondering if you could tell me what they'd be, and also thought I'd let you guys know! There was also a small pod of dolphins later in the day but I couldn't say how many in total. Maybe they're moving in for shelter with the storms coming in over the next few days, but it made for an impressive site nonetheless!

Dan Sharpe"

"I couldn't hear or see them blowing no which I thought they would be. Having said that they kept going out of view behind the waves so they weren't constantly in my sight. They were very slow moving too."