Friday, 13 February 2015

Sea Trust filming porpoises with "Countryfile"

So the idea was that we meet up with the "Countryfile" crew at 8:30 this morning and show them plenty of porpoises! No pressure then as they say...

We arrive and the camera/ sound crew are setting up, Ellie the presenter is discussing scripts with Kathryn the director and Katy, Kath's assistant comes over to greet us.and give us an idea of the filming schedule.

It is cold, bitterly cold the sea is wonderfully calm but no sign of the tide-race which should be bringing the porpoises with it and into view...

Kathryn introduces us to Ellie, she is as lovely as she appears on the screen and very natural we are soon chatting away as I desperately search the sea for the porpoises I have promised will be appearing soon.

I get a quick glimpse of one and I try and get Ellie on it but it does not reappear. Another one surfaces and disappears then a third all in different places and all distant and very brief. Ellie catches another split second sighting but to be honest its hardly mind blowing and the breeze is freezing...
So we start the filming Ellie leads the interview and makes it easy. I am soon rabbiting on nice and relaxed as we wander down the path to the lookout. Of course it takes several takes with different angles and all the stuff that takes time, but will be seamlessly edited into a brief sequence. 

Finally Ellie and I walk down to the shelter and get out of the cutting breeze and then Hallelujah! I spot a porp not far out with the naked eye. Ellie is on to it quick as a flash, and then another, and another, Ellie is thrilled we have shown her her first Porpoises. 

And so the pressure is off, Powell and his Pembrokeshire College students who are also there to put on a demonstration of how we train our volunteers using our Wildlife Observer Courses. 

Alison Colebrook our Environment Wales funding manager came along to see what we get up to. Its really important to us that our funders understand how we and our volunteers deliver our projects. Alison has been working with us for several years now and without her support and the backing of Environment Wales we would struggle.

On St Davids Day several million BBC viewers will see us and our Strumble porpoises , It will massively strengthen our campaign to get them the protection they need and should have, helping to ensure that future generations can come to Strumble and get the thrill of seeing these fascinating little cetaceans that Ellie felt today!