Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Strumble diary 1st June... spotted in the storm..

Yesterday we ( the Walrus
and Adrian Rogers) went to Strumble in the storm and rain . Funnily enough we bumped into Powell Strong and his group of students from Pembrokeshire College who had just seen a couple of Common Dolphins breaching despite the wind and rain. We hung on in the car which was really getting buffeted by the wind. Amazingly we spotted several porpoises some quite close but it was too wild to get out to try and get photo's, Maybe later today! 
Haha! I just looked at some pic's I shot off out of the window and if you look hard there is a porp just showing centre left! To randomly fire off three shots at a raging sea and get a porpoise in one of them really does illustrate what an amazing Porpoise hot spot Strumble is!!!